Designing and maintaining eCommerce software for industrial distribution is very, very challenging. It is a very large investment that ultimately, every distributor must make.

eCommerce software can be complicated to design, expensive and difficult to build, expensive to maintain and upgrade, and most importantly, it can be extremely difficult to properly staff, whether in-house or contracted to an agency.

There are several eCommerce packages in the market today for independent distributors, but none compare to BESN’s WebX. Our eCommerce solution is designed specifically for the needs of industrial distributors, and it’s tied to a 2,000 brand inventory with same day shipping. No other solution can do this.

eCommerce tools such as Shopify do not have the robust B2B capabilities distributors need. Software products that target our industry such as Epicor and Infor seem to be too focused on financials for your needs, or they never quite fulfill your unique drop ship, split ship and search needs– and the price tag grows every year just to keep it current. Custom APIs and custom drop-shipping or order messaging are proving to be difficult to do and expensive to buy. eCommerce software Saas pricing, commissions and support/ staffing capabilities vary wildly.

WebX from BESN solves all these eCommerce challenges facing the independent distributor.

WebX is our state-of-the-art custom eCommerce software solution for members. And the sum of its parts is far more than just an eCommerce solution:

  • The eCommerce software is proprietary to our members and we support it in-house. We are improving the software daily.
  • We’ve thoughtfully chosen and built every feature: product search, graphic assets, shopping cart, drop shipping, order management, tracking and more.
  • WebX ‘s search capability is one of the best in the world.
  • WebX is fully integrated to inventory, which is more than two million SKUs, ready to ship. By selling online, the independent distributor immediately improves its product offering, to a global inventory of over 2 million in-stock SKUs.
  • WebX implementation comes with custom training and support from BESN. Some members can be up and running in less than 3 weeks!
  • WebX is punch-out ready. Easily integrates with today’s top API’s.
  • WebX fully communicates with Google Merchant Center.
  • WebX is affordable. Ask us!
  • WebX, as part of BESN, is the only eCommerce solution that is integrated to a global Network, enabling global sales and global customers.

Get connected online in no time.